Dr. Zheng Dong is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department of Wayne State University (WSU), where he is the Co-Director of the CAR Lab, the director of the Real-time Systems Group and the WSU site co-director of NSF IUCRC eCAT Center. He is full of enthusiasm about realizing timing-predictable, safety-critical cyber-physical systems through algorithm-SoC co-design, with autonomous driving being the focused application domain.

Due to his expertise in real-time systems, he is also interested in the development of computer systems with timing-critical components, such as real-time EV fleet charging recommendation systems and edge-enabled smart infrastructures in smart cities.

In August 2019, he earned his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas under the supervision of Dr. Cong Liu.

Previously, he received his Master's degree in computer software engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China, and his Bachelor's degree in computer science from Wuhan University.

He is looking for Ph.D. students in the areas of real-time embedded systems, mobile edge computing and autonomous driving. Students with either CS or CE majors are welcome to apply. For current WSU students who are interested in working with him, please stop by his office and see if there is a good match.

The best way to reach him is via Email: dong at wayne.edu


  • 07/2023 [Service] Serve as a publicity co-chair at the 30th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, which will be held in Hong Kong, May 13-16, 2024. Please consider submitting your latest brilliant research findings! (Call for Papers)
  • 06/2023 [Service] I will co-chair the 10th International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems (held on Dec. 5th 2023), in conjunction with the Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2023).
  • 04/2023 [Service] Serve on the TPC of RTSS 2023; Serve as a session chair at DAC 2023: Autonomous Systems, Cloud Autonomous Systems (Automotive, Robotics, Drones).
  • 03/2023 [Grant] NSF IUCRC for Electric, Connected and Autonomous Technologies for Mobility (eCAT) has been funded.
  • 02/2023 [Paper] Our paper, titled "BlueFace: Integrating an Accelerator into the Core's Pipeline through Algorithm-Interface Co-Design for Real-Time SoCs", has been accepted to appear at DAC'23.
  • 02/2023 [Paper] Our paper, titled "Reaction Time Analysis of Event-Triggered Processing Chains with Data Refreshing", has been accepted to appear at DAC'23.
  • 02/2023 [Paper] Our work on real-time message synchronization in ROS has been accepted to appear at IEEE MOST'23.
  • 02/2023 [Service] Guest Editor of ACM Journal on Autonomous Transportation Systems: Special Issue on Mobility.
  • 01/2023 [Service] Associate Editor of Multimedia Tools and Applications (Springer).
  • 12/2022 [News] The program of WMC 2022 has been published. Welcome to join us on December 5th.
  • 11/2022 [Service] Guest Editor (with Dr. Shi) of IEEE Internet Computing: Special Issue on Vehicle Computing.
  • 11/2022 [Paper] Our recent work on real-time cause-effect chain scheduling in autonomous machines has been accepted by Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE2023).
  • 10/2022 [Service] Serve on the TPC of DAC 2023, RTCSA 2023, and ICCCN 2023; Serve as the publication chair for ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing 2023.
  • 10/2022 [Paper] Our recent work on real-time and accessible shared autonomous mobility services has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.
  • 09/2022 [Service] Serve in the judging panel of ACM SIGBED Student Research Competition (SRC) 2022.
  • 09/2022 [Paper] Our paper, titled "Towards Hard Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Virtualization for Many-core Embedded Systems", has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computers.
  • 08/2022 [Talk] Delivered a talk on real-time VoI detection at the 28th ACM SIGKDD conference on knowledge discovery and data mining (SIGKDD 2022).
  • 08/2022 [Paper] Our papers are accepted to RTSS 2022. The 9th International Workshop on Mixed Criticality (WMC) Systems will be held in Houston on Dec. 5th, in conjunction with RTSS 2022. WMC 2022 website is live!
  • 08/2022 [Service] Serve as a TPC member for RTAS 2023.
  • 08/2022 [Service] Serve as the registration chair for SEC 2022
  • 07/2022 [Paper] Our paper on implementing an energy-efficient real-time architecture is accepted by Journal of Systems Architecture.
  • 07/2022 [News] The CAR Lab joins The Autoware Foundation as a Premium Member! Taking advantage of our expertise in autonomous driving, edge computing, and real-time system, the CAR Lab will enable real-time resource management and communication in Autoware with partners worldwide, aiming to initiate and accelerate the transformation of mobility methods from conventional vehicles to autonomous vehicles.
  • 07/2022 [Talk] Delivered a talk on real-time scalable NoC at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2022. In-person conferences are back! Cheers!
  • 07/2022 [Paper] Our paper on real-time edge computing-enabled smart infrastructures is accepted to ACM Transactions on Internet of Things.
  • 06/2022 [Paper] Our paper on EV charging recommendation is accepted to ECML 2022.
  • 05/2022 [Paper] Our paper, titled "AXI-ICRT: Towards a Real-Time AXI-Interconnect for Highly Integrated SoCs", has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computers.
  • 05/2022 [Paper] Our paper, titled "RT-VeD: Real-Time VoI Detection on Edge Nodes with an Adaptive Model Selection Framework", has been accepted to ACM SIGKDD 2022.
  • 04/2022 [Paper] Our paper on ensuring the real-time safety of edge-assisted intersections is accepted to the 42nd IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2022).
  • 04/2022 [Service] I will co-chair the 9th International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems on Dec. 5th 2022, in conjunction with the Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2022).
  • 03/2022 [Service] Serve as the TPC member for RTSS 2022, RTCSA 2022 and RAGE 2022.
  • 02/2022 [Paper] Our paper, titled "BlueScale: A Scalable Memory Architecture for Predictable Real-Time Computing on Highly Integrated SoCs", is accepted to the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2022.
  • 01/2022 [Paper] Our paper, titled "Schedulability Analysis for Co-Scheduling Real-Time Tasks on Multiprocessors", is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems.
  • 12/2021 [Grant] Wayne State computer science researchers receive $500,000 from NSF for real-time edge computing study.
  • 10/2021 [Service] Serve as the TPC member for RTAS 2022, IoTDI 2022, DAC 2022 and MetroCAD 2022.
  • 07/2021 [Grant] New NSF IUCRC planning grant at Wayne State tackling electrification and infrastructure research for autonomous and connected vehicles.
  • 06/2021 [Grant] Wayne State conducting NSF-funded research on real-time computing system for connected autonomous driving.
  • 05/2021 [Paper] Our paper, titled "Joint Real-Time Repositioning and Charging for Electric Carsharing with Dynamic Deadlines", is accepted to ACM SIGKDD 2021.
  • 05/2021 [Paper] Our paper, titled "Tardiness Bounds for Sporadic Gang Tasks under Preemptive Global EDF Scheduling", is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.
  • 02/2021 [Paper] Our paper on I/O Virtualization has been accepted to DAC 2021.
  • 10/2020 [Paper] Our paper on Time-constrained Adaptive Influence Maximization has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems.
  • 10/2020 [Paper] Our paper on Data-driven EV fleet displacement system has been accepted to ICDE 2021.
  • 09/2020 [Paper] Two papers on Real-time Mixed-Criticality Systems have been accepted to RTSS 2020.
  • 02/2020 [Paper] Our work on Collaborative Autonomous Driving has been accepted to MetroCAD 2020.
  • 11/2019 [Talk] Visited the University of Delaware and gave a talk on safety-critical CPS.
  • 10/2019 [Paper] One paper is accepted to Transactions on Mobile Computing.
  • 09/2019 [Paper] New work to appear in RTSS 2019.
  • 08/2019 [Service] Call for Participation: we are organizing the Third IEEE International Conference on Connected and Autonomous Driving (MetroCAD 2020) in Detroit. Welcome to the Motor City!